"Up and Down" is the 6th level of Marda, and the first overall level where Spike Balls make an appearance.

To beat this level, the player has to jump on the ledge and float through when the spike balls are at the bottom and top. When there, the player has to climb onto the top of the floating platform and float to the ledge, avoiding the spiked balls again. Go to the ledge on the other side and float down when the spiked balls are at the middle. Then float down when the spiked balls are at the top and bottom. Or, if you are impatient, go to the right and float down in an instant to reach the crystal portal, but make sure not to fall in the so-called milk.

To grab the crown, jump on the wooden ledge at the top of the tower, dodge 2 moving spike balls and grab that sweet, sweet crown.

Screenshot 2018-07-09-07-35-57

The beginning of the level.

Screenshot 2018-07-09-07-36-10

The crown.