Marda is the first world the player will play through in Cat Bird. It is characterized by its pink tone and easier difficulty Its view from outer space like all the others is a circle with ears legs whiskers and a face with no special features unlike Grasi, Winda and Zipsa

Levels Edit

The levels of Marda go as follows:

Marda Screen select

The world screen select positioned on Marda.

  1. Hello World *
  2. The Pit
  3. Magic Key *
  4. Push Bird
  5. Buzzcut *
  6. Up and Down *
  7. Saw Face *
  8. Shakey Grounds
  9. The Plummet *
  10. Upward *
  11. Double Trouble
  12. The Grumble
  13. Spike Topper
  14. Longway *
  15. The Crusher (Boss Level)

Crowns Edit

Hello World

Magic Key


Up and Down

Saw Face

The Plummet



Notes Edit

  • Marda has the second most amount of Crowns, at 8 Crowns, Second only to Zipsa, with 10 Crowns.

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